Kumta to Gokarna -A Trek along Arabian sea coast…

Ended 2018 with the awesome Beach trek Kumta to Gokarna.We covered more than 10 pristine beaches , a walk of approx 15kms in 2 days.

Team all set to start the journey…

We started the journey from Kumta Beach.So Kumta is a town in
in the Uttara Kannada district of KarnatakaIndia .I must say the beaches are pretty clean and beautiful. We all must have done treks at some point of our lives but the feeling of trekking along with the beach is at some other level.

Ready to walk over mountains

Second Beach covered was Vannalli, which has a really scenic view. Temperature during the day was getting pretty hot sometimes but the cool breeze from the sea gives you a pleasant feeling.. I am more of a mountain lover person but this trek made me fall in love with beaches as well. I would say the beaches of this trail are must to be visited once…So if you are also mountain lover like me…give this trail a shot…

We covered the rocky patches ,walked ,jumped, I even crawled at some places ,believe me the beautiful site of ocean on the one side definitely going to distract you .So you have to walk with utmost care at some places.But yes that’s what makes a trek adventurous right !!!!

At every step we took forward and every stone we crossed, we all were really excited for the next beautiful site we will be watching.And the nature wasn’t failing to impress us

So this is the beautiful place we halted for some break, since it gets hot during the day its advisable to carry some citrus fruits with you. I carried oranges , its pretty satisfying to eat after so much of workout I must say. This halt is somewhere between Vannalli and Mangodlu

See these big rocky patches we had to cross, but it is fun overall when you have a good company of friends, which I truly had on this trip. Despite joining the tour as solo, I made whole bunch of new friends.So just move out of your comfort zone, step out, pack your backpack .You don’t need anybody but “you”….

It was now the time for lunch and we were in search of some good shady location for the same. Below in the pic is the next set of patch we had to cross to reach to the next halt of ours that is Mangodlu Beach

We had already reached Monduglu ,crossed this beautiful site full of colourful stones, which you can see in the above picture.It was now the time for lunch . I will not miss to mention the menu for lunch-Biryani and maysur pakk in the sweets…pefect pet puja ..

Now was the time to move ahead as we had to catch the ferry of around 4:30 pm to reach God’s own beach and still had to cover 2 more beaches.
Next halt we took was at Kadle beach. Some of us were fully drained and decided to take a break at a cafe, some people decided to do some toofani and climbed up the huge rock at the beach and capture this lovely view of kadle beach for us.

one of ur toofani girl … 🙂
PC:Kunal Mhatre

We have still not ended day 1 and its a long way to reach upto our camp site . The next beach into the list is Gudeangadi beach. Finally get a chance to upload my pic here :D. All the beaches here are so beautiful but still my favorite one is yet to come. Next much awaited was the ferry ride to the Belekan beach…our camp site ..our home for tonight..

We crossed this beautiful village and took a bus to the port.We had to wait a long time for the bus, were just hoping not to miss the ferry. But off course when you have bunch of crazy people with you ..waiting is always fun..

We had managed to catch the ferry on time and finally reached God’s own beach. The beauty of this place truly justifies the name . Can u imagine a typical painting we all made in our childhood days..a small village with a river passing by and a hill top with setting sun..that’s how exactly I can recall this place… ❤

PC: Ishan Shah

We moved ahead and finally close to the end of day1 reached our camp site at Belekan beach. After having some snacks we head to a light house to watch the sunset. Now that was the surprise we have been waiting for so long… It took us around half an hour uphill walk from our camp site to the light house, to get this view. All pain is worth at the end.

PC: Kunal Mhatre

And also spotted some dolphins..but could only capture them in our eyes..still you can get little sight of it in the pic below.
The peace and soothing feeling at this place can not be explained in words. It was all worth to walk up to this hidden secret place.

Finally it was now the time for setting up our homes for tonight. Sleeping under the stars ..I have done before couple of times but waking up to waves crashing onto the beach was something experienced first time.

Though I am not a morning person but there are few days when you actually want to get up early to this view…Belekan Beach

Day 2:

Day 2 started with Paradise Beach..indeed a paradise. We had to trek through some rough patches to get this view but at end its all worth.

PC: Kunal Mhatre
PC: Kunal Mhatre

Imagine yourself trekking with this view on one side –Half moon beach.When you need to concentrate on your next foot step but your eyes are wandering to the view on other side . Its really difficult to decide to look forward or to look at this view ..

PC :Ishan Shah
PC :Ishan Shah

The next on the list was Om Beach..as beautiful as all others we saw. Though our energies were totally drained till we trekked till here but every time the view we used to get at the end would make everything worth.Even though this is my second time at Om Beach, it still feels so fresh and raw..you will be amazed by the beaches of this coast line.

I was tired and whole body by now was paining but somewhere unconsciously I didn’t wanted it to end…. because travelling is only one thing where I am happy being tired.
With me I was carrying whole bunch of memories of scenic views, lovely friends I made and off course the moments which we captured on this whole trip.

The next beach we reached was Kudle. It was the lunch time and we stayed at the shack to freshen up and lunch. Some of us took dip into the water and enjoyed sunbathe. This is the second last beach before our trip ends.

PC: Kunal Mhatre
PC:Kunal Mhatre

Having food to this view, is not an everyday luck. These lovely moments inspire me to always hit the road , stay close to the mighty mountains and stunning beaches.

PC:Kunal Mhatre

It was almost the end of journey as per our iternary but its not end until we play games in train, ,see other passengers getting troubled by our so called fun activities and get some scoldings from them. These things have their own fun, fun to be around the people you just met 24 hrs before . Fun to meet like minded people who are also high on travel fever as much you…The most important part is to plan next trip when even first has not yet ended..

On this note we reached our final destination Gokarna Beach, to conclude our Kumta to Gokarna beach trail. This is the first view we got after walking for around 30 mins . One can also hire autos for Gokarna beach from kadle.

PC: Abhijeet Chauhan
PC: Ishan Shah

Cheers to an awesome group of people I met

PC: Karan Chawda

To reach station from gokarna beach we had to walk for around 30 mins till the auto stand and from there another 30 mins to reach Gokarna station. So one should always keep the buffer time in order not to miss the train.

A beautiful capture from the Gokarna market. I vaguely remember there was some beautiful temple in front of this huge structure which we couldn’t capture as we were already running out of time. But Ishan didn’t miss to capture this… 🙂

PC: Ishan Shah

Kudos to the all the crazy lovely people I met on the trip and an adventurous end we marked for 2018.

PC: Ishan Shah

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